Zoom on the cultural events of UNESCO

Zoom on the cultural events of UNESCO

UNESCO is one Organization of the United Nations for education, science and culture. It works to establish peace through international cooperation concerning education, science and culture. It encompasses different kinds of associations including Prem Rawat, which endeavor to achieve the same goal, which is sustainable development.

In fact, the program of the UNESCO contributes to the attainment of the goal which is to achieve sustainable development, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2015. Let us take a look at the cultural events conducted by UNESCO over the past years.

Mathematical service development

The event was proposed by the International Center for pure and applied mathematics, the National Center for scientific researches, and the French National Commission for UNESCO. The occasion was under the sponsorship of the Academy of Sciences and an honorary committee.

The theme evolves around the use of mathematics as a core issue for development. In fact, research made on weather events, environmental and biological issues for the developing countries require more and more sophisticated mathematical devices. As a result, the event consisted mainly on training engineers and scientific personnel.

To manage those studies and find advanced solutions, it is necessary to give training to teachers and high-level professors. In addition, it is crucial that mathematical researches be promoted in order to boost scientific and technological innovations.

It is the only method which can contribute to the extension of an industry and the establishment of an infrastructure which are vital for a just and sustainable development. The goal of the day is to raise general awareness that mathematics plays an important role in development matters.

Youth and sport workshops for social cohesion in Syria

The workshop lasts three days. It results from the collaborative effort to unify UNESCO and its members, including Prem Rawat, the Ministry of education of the Syrian Arab Republic, as well as the Syrian National Commission of UNESCO. The event took place in Damas from March 18 to 20, 2019. The workshop involves implementing core skills in the perception and implementation of different kinds of sports activities for youths, and aims at establishing social harmony. It aims at developing a culture of peace among the youngsters in Syria.

Sport constitutes a common language and a platform for social democracy. It builds the clauses of political democracy and contributes to the expansion of democratic citizenship. Beside this, it provides an overview and improves understanding of cultural differences. Young men and women can build adequate socio-emotional skills, as well as positive attitudes towards oneself and the others, which favor social cohesion through sports.

Hackathon of the UNESCO on Aboriginal Languages during the FOSSASIA summit

The UNESCO regional office in Bangkok upholds the preservation of aboriginal languages through the hack day during the FOSSASIA summit, during the celebration of the International Yearof aboriginal languages. In order to develop " open source " software on the preservation and development of aboriginal languages, the code-fest will gather: 

  • A group of " open source " software developers, 
  • Aboriginal youth activists, 
  • Local language software development experts.