Focus on 10 popular songs about peace

Focus on 10 popular songs about peace

The world of songs about peace or anti-war topics is so diverse, rich and profound. Many artists from around the world compose songs inspired by the issues related to war and peace. Prem Rawat, a peace advocate even mentioned the existence of many songs about peace. The field is vast to try to list all lyrics that have been written on that worthy cause.

Discover the top 10 popular songs about peace

1. Give Peace a Chance

John Lennon composed this song with the phrase " all we are saying ... is giving peace to luck ". Which means " the only thing we want to tell you is to give peace a chance ". This song had an impressive reception to become the best song in the protests against the Vietnam War.

2. When men live with love: Raymond Lévesque

Raymond Lévesque did not become famous until his song was performed by comedian Eddie Constantine. Since then, the song " When men will live with love " has become an inescapable hymn to peace and solidarity between men.

3. Child of all countries of Enrico Macias

This song of " Enrico Macias " testifies to the humanistic hypocrisy in Israel and its henchmen in Europe.

4. A day of peace of group 113 (2005)

A day of peace represents an ode to hope beyond life in the HLM housing estates and metropolises of today's France.

5. Stop the War by the Thugs

Stop the war is a beautiful description of peace which is intended to call people to put an end to wars. It talks about the fact that a war does not bring anything good.

6. I saved the World Today

The song " I saved the World Today " is a song recorded by Eurythmics in 1999 in their album Paix which is Peace in French.

7. Mille colombes or Thousand doves by Mireille Mathieu

This is a song of peace that makes you want to swing with the rhythm while listening to it. Mireille Mathieu has released this piece in the company of little singers at the wooden cross.

8. The war by Miossec

In this song, Miossec evokes the principle " because if it's not peace, it's war ".

9. Peace is Possible

Obviously peace is not impossible says the Apple group in their song " Peace is possible ". It is also one of the most popular peace songs.

10. If all the guys in the world by the Song Companions

This song shows that if everyone, man and woman, gives their hand, peace will be real tomorrow.

Peace songs are legion, but are rarely heard. Most lyrics were inspired by wars that really happened in the world, acts of violence and people who yearn for peace.

Prem Rawat said: " A song has been written, and no one knows by whom. And it's the oldest song in the world. This song is the song that your heart wants to sing to you. It's not a show, no guitars, no piano, no violin, no drums. But just a simple song that resides in you. The question is do you want to hear it? ".